Akatha, the Ancient Science of Sahaji

The most important part of the teaching is finding one’s inner sound current (high electrical pitch heard inside one) using the AKATHA (a’ kuh tuh) Spiritual Exercise. The latter affords one the Sahaji ability (Sahaji [suh hah’ jee] is known as Soul Travel by some teachings, but the former is the higher Sanskrit word for it). The exercise is very simple and looks like meditation, but we call it “contemplation.” One takes a comfortable seat (no real need to cross the legs unless preferable) and relaxes closing the eyes putting the attention gently in the middle of the forehead often called the third eye or the Tisra Til. Chanting the word “HU” is good because it is the hidden syllable in the word “human (hu-man or spirit-man)” that is the onomatopoeia of the word “spirit” (SRAOSHA in AKATHA) and opens one to their Sound Current which is hearing the SRAOSHA (Voice of AKSHAR or God in AKATHA). Soul is the individual unit of awareness in the SRAOSHA (srah oh’ shah). We always retain our individuality on the path of AKATHA. The three parts of man are body, mind, and Soul. But the most important part is the Soul which is eternal and seeks the AKSHAR (experienced in AKATHA). One learns what eternity is in AKATHA learning to cope with it by the experience of Sahaji. If one does not experience Sahaji in this lifetime, when they die no control has occurred on the inner planes and the deceased one is then controlled by often negative astral entities. Why this occurs is simply the negative overlord called “Kal Niranjan” in AKATHA likes amusement and the out-of-control Soul on the inner planes is amusing to the Kal. That is why one learns detachment in AKATHA and this is not amusing to Kal, but instead very powerful insofar as experiencing the peaceful power of SRAOSHA. We try to avoid the Kal in AKATHA regarding this entity as evil or the negative force. SRAOSHA is said to be the pure positive or neutral force, not just positive. These things are easy to sort once one feels the essence of SRAOSHA in Its Sound Current experience.

The word “human” then really means “spirit-man.” After chanting HU aloud or quietly for a minute or two in the contemplation exercise, one should relax with their attention still on the Tisra Til and then go out of the body there. The exercise should only be done for thirty minutes unless getting some results in Sahaji. The idea is to relax utterly and learn about the spiritual substance called “SRAOSHA (which also can be chanted as a mantra).” The SRAOSHA can be seen as Light and heard as sound. This inner sound is very important because it means one now can, in actuality, experience themselves as Soul. In other words, the sound current that one hears inwardly (like a high electrical pitch) is what they are as Soul. The eternal sound is Soul and therefore, we don’t have a Soul, rather we are first person Soul that states, “I am Soul” in one’s individual unit of awareness sound current identity. Realising and perceiving this important distinction should be very exciting for the ready individual as they now can know their true identity in the sound current whilst experiencing it!

A great yearning exists today in the many ready Souls for the high path. Those teachings that talk of Soul do not give experiential data like AKATHA. Some do teach that Soul is the sound current. But medical science conveniently debunks the sound current as the disease called “tinnitus.” Yet one needs only experience Sahaji on the higher planes and they will still hear the sound current. Hence without the physical ears, how could one have this disease called tinnitus? Many arguments exist against AKATHA, but the teaching teaches its students not to engage in argument because bad feelings are unnecessary. If one wishes to argue fine points and they are not truly interested in an answer for clarity, they are just not ready Souls. Not to dignify negativity is often better, but cowardice is unnecessary and means one could confront evil. Still, it is best to speak softly being direct whilst using the power of SRAOSHA on the inner in the response salience. Balance is important here, but the matter always is an individual one as AKATHA Arahatas (teachers) point out. A sense of humour is good too and helps with balance as the AKATHISTs are generally a cheerful lot with poignant perspicacity.

The main importance here is that AKATHA is the only teaching that gives direct experience of Soul having an exclusive down through history upon that premise. Having the proper matrix of AKATHA gives a measuring tool for one’s unfoldment. Without the highest teaching, one does not know if they are progressing and will be subject to reincarnation as of the precariousness of the situation. The risk of not having the AKATHA tool could mean thousands of lifetimes lost on the Wheel of Life and Death called “Samsara”. All other teachings including religions only get one to the Mental plane dealing with the Mental body that still is on the Wheel of Life and Death and not the higher level of Soul on the Fifth plane called “Sat Lok.” Some teachings as in Eckankar and Cosmic Consciousness paths alike will claim they teach Soul Travel, but it is only Astral travel now since AKATHA claims the position as the highest teaching presently. There can be only one highest teaching and that is AKATHA. It is easy to distinguish that fact, since the high teaching never is a religion and Eckankar is now a religion with all other teachings having similar and obvious dilemmas. Discriminating the situations is achieved after unfolding for a time on the path of AKATHA. So, we can easily travel in Sahaji and prove that fact as all Vairagi SRAOSHA Masters know and any who have their third eye open or intuition. The esoteric masters all know the fact; the high path never is a religion, yoga, metaphysics, new age, or an occult teaching. Everyone truly knows this fact by feeling the truth and not thinking or analyzing the point. These are the words of the Master.

Moreover, the initial focus upon the contemplation exercise is critical for mankind presently as society needs it. If one can dedicate thirty minutes a day to the exercise, their life will change for the better. They will stop using drugs (illegal ones, marihuana is a big no-no, no exceptions) and listening to bad music (AKATHISTs generally listen to Classical music – negative things fall away naturally by using the contemplation and not proselityzation, pushing or forcing by the teaching or by oneself occurs). But one must become disciplined this way in contemplation because nothing comes free in the universe. In other words, we must give to receive especially spiritually. One can see that the high path is simple, but again a modicum of participation (daily thirty minutes) is necessary. Try chanting the HU softly momentarily and one will feel the high vibrations of it. It is done this way, HU-U-U-U (gently). If one will practice this moment the HU-chant having an open mind and heart, they will be raised in a state of consciousness whilst palpably feeling the SRAOSHA. It is uniquely distinguishable by the ready Soul and a great upliftment is experienced. Some step upon the path of AKATHA just after the HU-chant because of the blessed high vibrational feeling. There is nothing like it. In other words, it is real and the most powerful vibration felt! Experience it for yourself and practice the HU-chant now if you so desire. HU-U-U-U.

AKATHA, the Ancient Science of Sahaji, simply teaches one the way of Sahaji or Soul (Atma) Travel out of the four lower planes into the unlimited higher ones (on Sat Lok, the Fifth one and above – various initiations exist along the path for each plane of existence – a Higher Initiate is one who has achieved the Fifth plane of Self Realization, one of the three goals in AKATHA). The reason for the higher Sanskrit (Asacer – AKATHA sacred) words is necessary for they carry a higher vibration or feeling that is palpable in the chanting of the HU. One can hear and feel the SRAOSHA letting it work positively in their lives uplifting all around them. AKATHA is not a religious, yoga, metaphysical, cult or an occult new age teaching, philosophy or anything other than an individual science, path, way, or educational teaching. We are not empty, vapid types but are normal proper law abiding Citizens who learn about the higher worlds through the AKATHA books (“An Introduction to AKATHA, the Ancient Science of Sahaji” and “The Hadjis, the Original and True Sacred Book of the Ages” Vols. I thru 17) and monthly discourses.

Annual membership is free insofar as spirituality has nothing to do with money. However, we have membership applications that must be filed so that we know who is a member receiving the monthly discourses and literature, e.g., free books online (no paperbacks yet), master wisdom note, newsletters, meeting notices, etc. Membership leads to initiations and mastery at the tenth one. This process aforesaid usually takes about twenty-five years, but it is individual and many go much faster. Still no push is necessary here because we are talking about eternity and the universe, not some club or competition. The individual can go as fast or slow as he or she wishes. The first five initiations take about a year each and the next five to mastery anywhere from two to five years to accomplish.

The co-founders of AKATHA are Sri Paul Twitchell (of Eckankar between 1965 and 1971 [deceased]), Sri Fubbi Quantz (presented the name “AKATHA” in 1986 and Sri Timothy’s immediate predecessor), and Sri Timothy Martin, Arnold, the present Mahaji, the 973rd Living SRAOSHA Master. These three spiritual masters are of the only unbroken line of masters stretching into eternity and the highest evolved Souls of their time. The eternal unbroken line takes place in a fluctuation of time called “supralaya” not known by other teachings (time comes and goes). Eckankar was the high path (presently AKATHA) from 1965 to 1971 until Paulji passed away and now he is the Guardian of the Temple of Golden Wisdom on the Ninth Plane (see the book “Tiger’s Fang” by Paul Twitchell – 1965). Eckankar became a religion afterward (Paul never called Eckankar a religion albeit Eckankar makes this false claim along with Wikipedia [the latter has many errors in Paulji’s biography as well] – that was done by their present leader in the 1980’s albeit the popular online encyclopaedia “Wikipedia” states that Paul founded a religion, but that is not true. One needs only to study the history of Eckankar to find out this educated view and not listen to conjecture both oral and written) whilst the high path never is a religion. People will categorise things, but if it is not said by the public path founders orally or in writing, it is not so. Therefore, the teachings of AKATHA are precise; however we are human prone to human error, but not spiritually. The problem remains that when teachers or writers of any kind do not qualify and state that their views are not infallible. Is no one inspired any longer to write a book of the bible leaving the Pope writing only encyclicals? The Hadjis book of AKATHA is the “Original and True Sacred Writing” and all books including the bible are plagiarisms of it. Sri Timji has written fifteen books [manuscript form presently] whilst Paulji wrote the first two (why hasn’t Eckankar written any more?). Only the true Living Master can write the Hadjis.

Thus, AKATHA became public (1988) for those ready Souls (about 1% of the populace) who will take the next step of getting onto the Soul plane in the practice of Sahaji. A lot of information exists about this “near death” experience, but those terms are negative. We do not use the phrase “near death” because the term is “Sahaji” only and not the derogatory phrase. Language is specific and definitions can be. Those who are not ready for AKATHA usually will be negative towards It, but the AKATHIST (AKATHA member) learns detachment through the use of contemplation and remains a powerful individual that uses a tranquil approach to life. This peaceful power helps man because it relieves the daily stresses that are prevalent now. Only the sincere ready one can accept the teachings of AKATHA as goodness remains in their hearts. Giving happiness to the world is not possible by regression therapy teachings or contemporary godless psychology.

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