Janet and Sound Current

I’ve been lurking for many months as I’ve been searching for a ways to understand my T. I’ve had that high electrical tone constantly buzzing between my ears for about a year. My problem has been that I couldn’t point to specific cause of the T (no loud noises in my past, no head injury, no serious stress). For a while, I thought I was going nuts imagining things, and worried that the sound would someday drown out normal sounds. I spoke to a friend a few weeks ago, and mentioned my T. She has tinnitus, but referred to it as hearing the ‘Sound Current’ (a Zen-type saying). She hears the buzz constantly, but doesn’t consider it to be an annoyance. In fact, she meditates on the sound at night and it helps her to go to sleep. That’s the opposite of my problem, yet she has the same condition, and she seems totally at ease with it! I researched “Sound Current” online, and decided for myself to entertain the idea that the sound I hear might not be the symptom of a disease, but could possibly be the natural sound of my own wheels (Eagle’s reference), and at this stage of my life, I’ve just come into tune to notice it.

With this change of perception, I felt more at ease almost immediately. I began to focus on the sound, rather than try to ignore it. When I did this, the sound seemed to change in pitch and it fluxuated from time to time, but it wasn’t frightening, and it wasn’t an annoyance. After a few days, I began to notice that I wasn’t noticing the sound so much. I would have to stop and focus in order to hear it again to make sure it was still there. My dreams started to become very vivid and wild… sometimes daunting, but other times, my dreams seemed like plot-driven movies with wild colors.

I’m still testing the waters of this change of perception. But I feel so much better, that I wanted to share this with everyone here. I really feel like a monkey is being lifted off my back. I’ve always felt that Zen and all those Eastern ways of thinking were a little strange and hokey, and I still do… but there’s no way from here that I’m going to let the ‘…sound of my own wheels drive me crazy.”.

Recently, I found this reassuring posting about the “Sound Current” in relation to T: http://groups.google.com/groups?hl=en&rnum=1&selm=f7ae2577.0112071406.7f98da52%40posting.google.com

Take it easy!!!

Source: http://eebee.net/janet/janet.html

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