Keeping Up With Creation

When I was fourteen, I discovered the Sound Current.  Not all about it of course, but enough to know it was my tangible proof GOD was always there.  To a degree, my entire spiritual education has been about the Sound Current.  In the beginning, as I listened to it, it seemed as though I was only listening to one note, one instrument.  I thought the tone represented GOD communicating with me.  And while this was true, in time as I listened more intently, I came to realize there were more tones.  More tones, and more and more instruments, until I realized there was a whole symphony orchestra playing the music of creation and it seemed this music defined the universe and lit the stars.  Within the laws of physics, as I understood them, this was not possible.  One must Listen Very Carefully to discover one is actually listening to THREE orchestras all playing the exact same music at the exact same time.  In this way, the music of the spheres defines the universes and sets their avenues of creation in motion.  As I listened intently to the Songs of Life, there was ever more to listen to.

If a person should want to tell you what he or she knows about God, ask them what they know about the Sound Current.  What one knows about the Sound Current is by far the greater share of what one knows about God.  Consider a being whose consciousness is so developed as to be able to hold all the notes of music of a very complicated symphony together in one moment.

This barrage of true tones, true notes of music, all infinitely fine and totally powerful, create the Wave Harmonics that define the universes, ignite the life forces within them and set each universe’s direction in creation in motion.  This is all done within only a small part of the consciousness of the being I call The Great Master Creator.

As YOU read these words, YOU must come to understand YOU are the divine child of this being.  If YOU will allow him, he will treat YOU as his favored child and gladly show YOU the extent, the marvels, the many horizons of his creation.  But in doing this, what he is really doing is showing YOU the marvels and extent of the being you are going to be, growing to be.  In time will be.  YOU are a divine child, but so long as YOU live within this universe, YOU are the embryo of what YOU will eventually grow to become.  If YOU do YOUR homework in the Great Universal School of Life, the way home to life as a Divine being in fact is open for YOU.

In the legitimate Universal School of Life, living on the planet of a third-generation star (such as Earth) is as far as spiritual development goes.  There are indeed many avenues seeming to lead to life at higher levels, but eventually they lead one back to reincarnating at the physical earth level.  To progress beyond living on the planets of third-generation stars, you must gain control of your own life energy.  The next lesson in the development of your divine being is Sound Current Energy Management.

There is nothing in this universe you are not meant to know.  There is nothing you are not allowed to know.  Many of the lessons in life are built upon other lessons and one must follow the sequences, but other than that all is for you to learn and become master of.  You are to be a Lord of Life and you are in the Great Universal School of Life learning to be just that.

Remember, YOU are the most important being in YOUR LIFE.

Remember, Deity does not require worship from you.

Remember, YOU are a divine child.

Remember, This universe is here for YOU to grow up in.

Remember, The Songs of Life are sung to YOU in every moment.

Remember, The Songs of Life are sung for YOU in every moment.

Remember, To listen to the lessons life is trying to teach YOU.

Remember, There is a way   . . . Home.

THERE IS A WAY  . . .   But only if you learn how to … LISTEN!

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