The Light and Sound of God

By Theresa Dunford

The Universe was manifested out of
the Divine Sound;
From It came into being the Light.

Shamas-i-Tabriz, 13th century Persian saint.

The Light and Sound of God is both visible and audible and is witnessed as the Light of God and heard as the Sound of God. It is purely spiritual, non-phenomenal and has the power to resurrect soul. Some spiritual teachers say that the Light alone will not take us into the deeper realisations of God, adding that the Light comes from Sound. They say that the soul begins to be aware of the Sound current when Light has fulfilled its purpose of evolving the mind and its intellect, while Sound transports soul into the very heart of God. The Sufis speak of the Saut-e Sarmad or Abstract Sound, which fills all space. This Sound, which is also known as the Audible Life Stream, is always vibrating within and around us but we are generally unaware of it because of the distractions of the material world.

It would also appear that the ancients worked with the Light and Sound to build their temples. The research writer J. Foster Forbes, from Aberdeenshire, Scotland, was very interested in pre-history. He worked with psychometrists to investigate the Fall of the planet, the magnetic potency of ancient rocks and the purpose of the stone circles and megaliths of pre-Roman Britain. Psychometry can be described as the ability to access information, often of an historical nature, by psychically tuning in to physical objects. In his book “The Unchronicled Past” (privately published 1938) Foster Forbes says : “I would quote here the actual statements as recorded by Miss Olive Pixley, the well known psychometrist, when visiting these areas, she said: ‘….We use muscular forces without any of the forces of the elements; we try to do it with human force; it was no wonder or miracle to build this Tor [Tor in Dartmoor, England]….they [the ancients] used the forces of Nature as one, for the Combination of Sound and Light is the Essence of Creation‘.”

The Middle Eastern teachings describe the Light as a sacred vibration. Dr. Neil Douglas-Klotz, Aramaic scholar, in his book “The Hidden Gospel” writes: “…the Aramaic word usually translated ‘heaven’ (shemaya) comes from one of the words for light … It indicates a sacred vibration (shem) that vibrates without limit through the entire manifested cosmos (aya).”

Douglas-Klotz has also given us a translation of the Lords prayer. He has provided several translations for each line of the Lords Prayer as words in Aramaic can have more than one meaning. In his book “Prayers of the Cosmos” his translations describe both the light and the sound of the Cosmos. The following is his translation of the first line of the Lords Prayer:

Aramaic Prayer of Jesus
(first line only)

Abwoon d’bashmaya
(King James Version – Our Father which art in Heaven)
Our Birth in Unity

O birther! Father-Mother of the Cosmos
you create all that moves in light
Oh thou! The breathing life of all
Creator of the Shimmering Sound that touches us.
Respiration of all worlds,
we hear you breathing – in and out – in silence.
Source of sound, in the roar and the whisper,
in the breeze and the whirlwind, we hear your Name.
Radiant One: You shine within us, outside us –
even darkness shines – when we remember.
Name of names, our small identity
unravels in you, you give it back as a lesson.
Worldless Action, Silent Potency
where ears and eyes awaken, there heaven comes.
O Birther! Father-Mother of the Cosmos!
(My italics – TD)

Affirming these inspiring words can be very helpful if the mind is unduly agitated or feels overloaded with negative or fearful thoughts, when positive or God directed thinking may be difficult. Repetition of this prayer, perhaps several times, can bring about a profound sense of peace. Of course, one does not need to be feeling agitated to work with these inspiring sayings as they can be repeated at any time.

Our sun is symbolic of the Light of God and the ancients revered that which is beyond our physical sun – the spiritual sun. The Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaton revered Aton the One light which he saw symbolised by the sun disk. Surya Green in her book “The Call of the Sun” informs us that she experienced the sun as being alive, conscious and more evolved in spiritual development than any individual of the human race. Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov says that the sun “….tabernacles a vast intelligent being, whose only purpose is to generously irradiate the cosmos with life-giving energies, by an act of incomparable compassion and love….as a supremely intelligent being, the sun is completely responsive to our spiritual intentions and aspirations.”

As well as our outer, heavenly sun, information has been received via akashic [1] investigation that there is also a sun at the centre of our planet which connects with our own hearts. Maia Nartoomid has received that: “The atoma, or central sun of the earth, is the heart of the planet. It contracts and expands in a pulsing action, sending energy waves through the space of the central cavity and out through the many arteries of the earth.” [2] Also, “The human heart houses the heart chakra which is intimately linked from conception to the regula apsa, [heart centre] of the earth atoma. We and the earth are literally one.”[3]

Nicholas Hagger, author of “The Universe and the Light: A new view of the Universe and Reality” (published 1993), says the rise and fall of civilisations is intimately connected to its vision of the Fire or Light. “The vision of the sacred Fire or Light, which is also the vision of God the mystics (and poets and artists) have seen, inspires and is the central idea of the 25 civilisations of history, and the renewal of the Fire or Light each generation by contemplative mystics causes the civilisations and their ‘stones’ to rise and be renewed, while failure to renew the Fire results in their decline and hastens their fall.”

This Fire or Light was apparently widely known by the ancients and priest-kings. In an earlier work by Nicholas Hagger, entitled “The Fire and The Stones: A Grand Unified Theory of World History and Religion: The Vision of God in Twenty-Five Civilisations” From this monumental work of over one thousand pages of research, published in 1991, we learn that: “It [the Fire or Light] was widely known in very early times, and it was desired by priest-kings. It was symbolised in sky-gods and channelled into State ceremonies through fire-sacrifices, and individuals were introduced to it through these public symbols. As time progressed numerous experiences of the Fire or Light were written down and preserved, especially in the Christian tradition….The Fire has been known in every generation of the last 5,000 years.”

The ancients experienced the Fire or Light as the ‘fire that does not burn’. In “The Holy Land of Scotland: Jesus in Scotland and the Gospel of the Grail” (2002) the author, Barry Dunford writes about an army engineer and surveyor, Major F.A. Menzies, M.C., who had a powerful experience of this spiritual Fire at one of the megalithic stone circles, Stanton Drew, in the south west British Isles: “The following intriguing story illustrates the powerful importance and magnitude surrounding some of the energised megalithic sacred sites of ancient solar (fire) worship – the fire that does not burn. After the 1914-18 world war, a distinguished British army engineer and surveyor, Major F.A. Menzies, M.C., decided to live in France where he chose to investigate the subtle energies of the earth. Major Menzies was very interested in the study of radiesthesia and while in France he was tutored by M. Bovis and other leading French exponents of radiesthesia. During this time Major Menzies became aware of the importance of the Feng Shui system of geomancy which had been developed by the ancient Chinese geomancers. He was able to see examples of the Chinese geomancers compass in certain museums in Paris, which had been brought from China by Jesuit missionaries. Major Menzies made drawings of one of these amazing compasses and eventually constructed a modified version for his own use. By learning how to use the Chinese geomancers compass in conjunction with his British army compass, Major Menzies became very proficient in locating earth energy alignments (leylines), and also sources of noxious energy which were creating areas of geopathic stress and ill health.

Eventually, Major Menzies returned to England where, during the 1940’s, he carried out research work, using both his compasses, at the ancient megalithic site of Stanton Drew, six miles south of Bristol in the south west of England. Stanton Drew is comprised of several megalithic stone circles which are said to possibly date back to 3,000 B.C. They are believed to have been associated with solar (fire) worship in Pagan times. While investigating these stone circles, Major Menzies had an extraordinary experience which he subsequently related to a friend and fellow surveyor, George Sandwith. Major Menzies said: ‘Although the weather was dull there was no sign of a storm. Just at a moment when I was re-checking a bearing on one of the stones in that group, it was as if a powerful flash of lightning hit the stone, so the whole group was flood-lit, making them glow like molten gold in a furnace. Rooted to the spot – unable to move – I became profoundly awestruck, as dazzling radiations from above, caused the whole group of stones to pulsate with energy in a way that was terrifying. Before my eyes, it seemed the stones were enveloped in a moving pillar of fire – radiating light without heat – writhing upwards towards the heavens: on the other hand it was descending in a vivid spiral effect of various shades of colour – earthward. In fact the moving, flaring lights gyrating around the stones had joined the heavens with the earth’.”[4]

Finally, in “The Robe of Glory: An ancient parable of the Soul”, with commentary by John Davidson (published 1992) we find the following prose which speaks about the Living Water, the ineffable Voice and the Word:

“And I hid myself in everyone
And revealed myself within them,
And every mind [and soul] seeking me longed for me,
For it is I who gave shape to the All,
When it had no form.
And I transformed their forms into other forms….

It is through me that the Voice originated
And it is I who put the breath [of life….]
within my own
And I cast into them the eternally Holy Spirit
And I ascended and entered my Light….

I am the Word who dwells in the ineffable Voice.
I dwell in undefiled Light….
The Word is a hidden Light, bearing a Fruit of Life,
Pouring forth a Living Water
From the invisible, unpolluted, immeasurable Spring,
That is the unreproducible Voice.
Trimorphic Protennoia 45:21-31, 46:5-6, 16-20, NHL p.519

[1] The term Akasha comes from a 5000 year old Sanskrit language and translates as “hidden library”.
[3] “The Source”, Issue 4-80
[4] Major F.A. Menzies related his experience at Stanton Drew to George Sandwith, also a professional surveyor, on 16th March 1952. Major Menzies died the following year. George Sandwith in turn related the story to the author of “The Holy Land of Scotland”.


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