Tinnitus – curse or blessing?

I’d like to share two insights with you, for me two of the most precious that I received from our teacher, Yogiji.

1) “Nothing is Good or Bad, but thinking makes it so.” (Yogi Bhajan, circa 1969) (tinnitus can be experienced as a curse or a blessing. I can tell you how I discovered, as a yogi, that it can be experienced as a blessing).

2) “If you go outside some clear, dark, starry night, lie down on the ground and meditatively tune into a star [any star you can see clearly] and listen within — the sound you will hear will be the
sound current of the stars. ” (Yogi Bhajan, June 1975, Los Angeles class) Shortly after that we all travelled to Summer Solstice in Pecos, New Mexico. I practiced what he proposed. Late one night, after the solstice music program ended and all was quiet, I found an open grassy place, layed myself down on a blanket, tuned into such a star, and heard a distinct high pitched sound in my head, and listened to that star’s sound, and felt communicated with, until I fell asleep.

Now consider this passage from the Ray Man Shabd of Guru Gobind Singh (translation courtesy Snatam Kaur, CD “Grace” ).

“The Universe plays its divine music
The sound of reality is shrill
but this is where God is.

When you listen to the reality
from this place of awareness
the sweet essence of raag arises.

Waves of melodies, emotions
and passions arise and flow
through you

Bind yourself with the Song of God

The Universe spins like a potter’s wheel
and from it fly demons and angels

The sage listens to this
and instead of getting caught in either one
the sage drinks the nectar
of the heavens
and is carried to the heavens
in a divine chariot.
Instruct and clothe yourself with self control
Meditate unto infinity
until you are meditating without meditating
In this way your body shall remain
forever golden
and death shall never approach you.”

What I can say from 32 years of experiencing this meditation, since that night in New Mexico when I noticed and discovered that I experience ” tinnitus, ” that this sound current we hear need not be suffering. It can be experienced as a rope ladder, leading to a meditative stairway that links us to the Anhad Shabd, and since within Sikh Dharma there is no middleman between the human and the infinite, and since in Sikh Dharma we don’t have initiations or deekshas (hands on Sat Guru transmissions) because the Sikh and the Yogi are self-initiating before Wahe Guru, there is no master on Earth who could be qualified to say that I do not experience the Anhad Shabd directly. and found it first through ” tinnitus. ” So-called ” Tinnitus ” is one of my best and closest friends.

If your student needs help for tinnitus, there may be medical, or
hypnosis approaches for removing it, but I would recommend mastering it as Guru Gobind Singh taught us in this Shabd that Snatam Kaur sings as a masterpiece.

for many Blesswings, Sat Nam —
SS Krishna Singh Khalsa
Source: http://www.indiadivine.org/audarya/yoga-forum/719610-tinnitus-curse-blessing.html

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